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Question:Does Air source heat pump water heater have cnvenient installation with good-looking?

Answer:A: Product installation is very simple, mainly is the water pipe, the connection between the family of the original decoration without any damage.ASHP water heater with heat storage water tank volume is larger because it itself, if use fission series water tank can be placed in inconspicuous places alone, is completely will not affect beautiful."Air source heat pump water heater itself is environmental protection and energy saving of new products, luxury appearance, generous, fashion, and covers an area of less than 0.5 square meters, no matter on the balcony and shower room, the roof is a scenery, can reflect master grade and class more.


Question:Can work well in winter also?

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Winter temperature is lower, but the outside heat  still exist, "air source heat pump water heater can also get the heat from the air, used to heat water, so it also heats work in winter. only relative to the summer, winter time will extend some corresponding operation, lower water rate than that in  summer.Even so, the winter operation is also energy saving, cost only 1/3 of the equivalent electric water heater.


Question:Is it safe?

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Contrast air source heat pump water heater and electric water heater and gas water heater, besides energy saving,safty is another biggest advantage .ASHP water heater can only through the power driven air compressor carrying heat from the air, from the expansion of the refrigerant and the compression with water and heat exchange, in the process, water and electricity is completely separated, eliminate leakage safety concerns.


Question:How about its cost?

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Air source heat pumps can provide fairly low cost space heating. A high efficiency heat pump can provide up to four times as much heat as an electric heater using the same energy.In comparison to gas as a primary heat source, however, the lifetime cost of an air source heat pump may be affected by the price of electricity compared to gas (where available). Use of gas may be associated with higher carbon emissions, depending upon how the electricity is generated.

A "standard" domestic air source heat pump can extract useful heat down to about -5F or 0F (-18C).[At colder outdoor temperatures the heat pump is less efficient; it could be switched off and the premises heated using only supplemental heat (or emergency heat) if the supplemental heating system is large enough. There are specially designed heat pumps that, while giving up some performance in cooling mode, will provide useful heat extraction to even lower outdoor temperatures. An air source heat pump designed specifically for very cold climates can extract useful heat from ambient air as cold as -20F or even -25F (-30C), but these are uncommon in most homesAir source heat pumps can last for over 20 years with low maintenance requirements There are numerous heat pumps from the 1970s and 1980s in the United States that are still in service in 2012 even in places where winters are extremely cold. Few moving parts reduce maintenance requirements. However, the outdoor heat exchanger and fan must be kept free from leaves and debris. Heat pumps have more moving parts than an equivalent electric resistance heater or fuel burning heater Ground source heat pumps have fewer moving parts than air source heat pumps as they do not need fans or defrosting mechanisms


Question:Which functions do Air can heat pump water heater have in addition to making living hot water

Answer:  A: air can heat pump water heater in addition to making hot water, also widely used in swimming pool constant temperature, floor heating,space heatin/ cooling etc