Services Center

Mission and philosophy

 Three packs of service commitment

First, service tenet

To customer satisfaction as the guidance, by the use effect

Second, the service concept

Quick, professional and comprehensive service

Three, the service system (full service management system)

Pre - "comprehensive product design, selection of system engineering planning" in front of the product sales at any time to provide users with air can heat pump water heater product knowledge free consulting services, and used according to the user's actual needs, free of charge for the complete targeted personalized design, correctly guide the user selection rationalization, so as to achieve better design, investment cost is more reasonable.

Sale - the whole process of engineering installation guidance and supervision, from the Angle of the using effect in order to ensure the quality of engineering installation meet the system requirements.

After-sale services, comprehensive planning, continuous system to track the usage of each unit, in strict accordance with the division I promise other value-added services to promise timely after-sales maintenance, maintenance services, adhering to the "quick, professional and comprehensive service" service concept to provide heat pump hot water unit system maintenance and maintenance, establish a mechanism for emergency maintenance for the record; The first comprehensive to solve problems in customer usage, hangzhou to achieve customer satisfaction is our ningbo heat energy science and technology has always been the pursuit of the goal!

Fourth, service commitments

Commitment to customer service:

- all to ensure service: no matter when, where, door-to-door service at any time!

-- all close service wholeheartedly for the sake of users, for users to melancholy!

"3 packets" service commitment:

In strongly support and implement country "partial commodity is repaired, change, the responsibility that return money sets", "product quality standard" and "consumer rights and interests protects a law" and other laws and regulations on the basis of our "3 packets" details are as follows:

1. The scope of "3 packets" :

- household series heat under 7000 w and its product (system) air can heat pump water heater repair period for the machine for two years, three years in a compressor (in the date of effective upgrade voucher).

- commercial series more than 7000 w heat product (system) air can heat pump hot water unit product from the date of commissioning acceptance machine repair kit for 18 months, or in terms of machine into the factory to confirm the date of the whole machine repair kit for 21 months, due to first shall prevail; Three years of compressor.

2. "the repair condition:" by making the guest service personnel appraisal belongs to poor or outsourcing quality of purchased components caused by the product itself quality problem caused by using fault, by my company responsible for free repair.

3. The "repair" documents: hangzhou users buy ningbo products effective notes and warranty card, etc.

4. The liability exemption: one of the following situations do not practice the "three guarantees", but "qualify for" service, according to standard company qualify for the maintenance and settlement, shall be paid for the repair and maintenance services:

Low user caused by improper use, storage, transportation, maintenance, damage;

Low maintenance by our company special service branch and cause damage;

Low without the repair of proof or the repair altering cannot confirm;

Low repair certificate with the product serial number, model does not meet;

Low counterfeit products of our company;

Where damage is caused due to force majeure of natural disasters;

Low engineering system without going through the company's employees or authorized the company with the same qualifications of personnel debugging boot give rise to the damage of the unit without authorization;

Low is beyond the repair period of products;

Low to remove the product internal components and cause damage;

Low enterprise or distributor has been indicated as a price of "substandard goods", "domestic product".

Hangzhou 5. Ningbo product lifetime warranty.

Five, the service process

Customer contact - to provide consulting, product introduction, customer information, submit design solutions, consultation and review, to reach an agreement, signed contract, engineering design, construction installation supervision, commissioning operation, acceptance, after-sales service

Six, service network

"Perfect" comprehensive service management system: the case of process planning, guidance, the whole system of hangzhou tracking service to ensure that ningbo full crown control products!

Hangzhou HangNing adhere to the service before the market concept, ensure that ningbo service network "corners" service all the time.

Seven, after-sales service terms

1, general maintenance, by regional service center (distributor) to provide the corresponding services

2 customer service headquarters in hangzhou, ningbo company has professional and technical personnel, all the year round to the major problems arise and quick response in a timely manner

3, establish emergency accident treatment mechanism, in order to ensure that users for the guidelines.

4, the company headquarters and regional service center combined with hangzhou sales model to establish ningbo product the reasonable inventory of conventional parts to ensure timely supply of parts.

5, our company is responsible for the buyer's operating personnel training, training of personnel to understand the working principle of the equipment structure, familiar with equipment, familiar with the daily maintenance.

6, additional value-added services:

(1) in spring and autumn two free inspection and maintenance of equipment

(2) free training buyer's operating personnel, understand the structure and working principle of the equipment, familiar with equipment and daily maintenance

Eight, equipment installation guidance, commissioning, acceptance of the plan

We will send the professional engineer to guide installation, free boot debugging and training to operators.

1, the installation instructions

1.1 to provide relevant technical data, design units in system design

1.2 guidance of hoisting equipment, in place after the goods arrived in site and the installation work

2, the commissioning plan

2.1 equipment debugging before startup, check the installation of the equipment related systems, and submit the inspection report

2.2 in the related system with operating conditions and the environment allows debugging, boot debugging, testing the relevant operation parameters, debugging report

3, equipment acceptance

3.1 equipment early acceptance

(1) if there were any significant damage to the appearance of the product;

(2) the product model, producing area, specifications with the contract (or the bid documents) for the same;

(3) whether the supplier in accordance with the listing (quantity, etc.);

(4) random data, file is comprehensive;

3.2 commissioning acceptance

(1) equipment can normal operation after debugging;

(2) equipment of various control is normal;

(3) whether the equipment operation parameters meet the technical requirements;

Nine, personnel training plan

1, the theory of training: after the contract signed, the owner to send qualified operating personnel, by my company to arrange training theory, free training expenses.

2, theory and practice of training, equipment, after the arrival of the goods at the scene of the our company technical personnel to guide the installation, the above operation personnel on-site system theory and the practice of training;

3, operation training, equipment debugging boot, and can achieve completely understand, to grasp equipment operation, running and maintenance skills.

4, misgivings: equipment warranty period, at any time to solve question of operators and to deepen the understanding of equipment and related systems, guarantee to independent operation and maintenance;

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