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 Hangzhou Nanjing Thermal Technology Co., Ltd. is a set of heat pump technology research and application of specialized manufacturing enterprise, the company is located in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China, where the factory is located in Hangzhou Binjiang Qiantang River, the national high-tech industrial park; company Riverside plant Riverside industrial Park is located in Hangzhou, near Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport and National airport Bonded logistics Center, Hangzhou Bay port, integrated strategic location and convenient transportation.
          HONNY (Hangzhou-Nanjing) as a heat pump technology leader dedicated heat pump technology, continuous innovation, HONNY (Hang Ning) launched home in the heat pump water heaters, commercial heat pump water heaters, air-cooled heat pump cold (hot) water, central air conditioning units, Seafood special units, swimming pools dedicated heat pump water heaters, solar heat pump water heaters, based on developed the industry's first dedicated unit heat pump hot water floor heating, heat pump triple units, ultra-low temperature heat pump units and other high-energy saving products, superb technology, manufacturing, high-quality products to win the hang Ning users worldwide praise, praise.
          HONNY (Hang Ning) has heat pump / refrigeration products, a complete industrial chain, and its global R & D center, production and manufacturing base, sales and service center will HONNY (Hang Ning) more valuable products, quality brands, satisfactory service into the global market, serving customers worldwide; companies adhering to complete a comprehensive quality management system has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, CE certification, CCC certification, UL certification, production license certification, awarded the certificate of high-tech enterprises, China heat pump demonstration base certificate and many other awards.
         HONNY (Hang Ning) based on scientific research and development, technological innovation, the starting point, adhere to the "integrity, pragmatic and efficient" business philosophy, customer success to quality products, dedicated to more energy efficient, more comfortable, cleaner living environment.